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This is a compendium of the runnerbeasts in the four main Holds on the Roanoke River. As some of the jargon contained herein is specific to the Beastcraft, some explanation of terms may be needed. For most terminology, see this website. Descriptions of runner types can be found further down this page.

NOTE: Location of runners may not be the same as the location of their owners. See People page for more information.

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Pedigrees | Runner Types

Cape Hold

(Name: type and sex, age, hh - body color, points, special markings)

Galen Hold

Stormcall: warmblood stallion, 6 Turns, 15hh - bay, white diamond star
Stonewall: light draft stallion, 7 Turns, 15.8hh - black
Chase: hunter mare, 5 Turns, 16hh - red dun, sorrel points, white sock on the off-fore

Piedmont Hold

Lord Ianof
Ballad: hardy colt, 2 Turns, 10.9hh (grown) - silver dapple, white mane and tail

Betsy: heavy draft mare, 14 Turns, 16.3hh - black overo, white face and white on flank and hindquarters

Black Tide: hardy filly, 3 Turns, 10.4hh (grown) - all black

Blaze: racer colt, 4 Turns, 15.7hh (grown) - tobiano black, white-black-white mane, white blaze, 4 white stockings, white markings from withers to flank

Cry No More: racer filly, 2 Turns, 15.4hh (grown) - bay roan, black points, white teardrop star

Dancer: racer stallion, 7 Turns, 15.4hh - grulla, white stripe and muzzle

Dark Zephyr: racer stallion, 7 Turns, 16hh - black, slate gray mane and tail

Dusty: heavy draft colt, 3 Turns, 17.8hh (grown) - silver dapple, white mane and tail

Escapade: racer filly, 5 Turns, 15.3hh (grown) - all white

Fellis: heavy draft mare, 13 Turns, 16.5hh - bay

Flame: hardy colt, 2 Turns, 10.8hh (grown) - bay, white snip and flame-shaped star

Gotta Go-Go: "piedmont" stallion, 13 Turns, 16.7hh - buckskin

Grey Cloud: heavy draft colt, 2 Turns, 17.8hh (grown) - dapple gray, gray mane and tail, dark gray muzzle, ears, and stockings

Koda: racer stallion, 10 Turns, 15.4hh - red chestnut

Redfruit: heavy draft filly, 5 Turns, 17.1hh (grown) - chestnut, white blaze, ear, and coronet

Silver Frost: racer stallion, 8 Turns, 15.4hh - blue roan, white oval star and white left-fore pastern

Silver Lining: heavy draft mare, 8 Turns, 17hh - blue roan, 4 white pasterns

Smooth Klah: racer mare, 9 Turns, 15.4hh - tobiano bay, white mane, white stripe, 3 white stockings, and white on neck and flank, loin, and croup

Snowdrift: hardy stallion, 12 Turns, 10.7hh - cremello

Spice Cake: heavy draft mare, 11 Turns, 16.9hh - dun, white-black-white mane

Splash: heavy draft mare, 12 Turns, 16.5hh - palomino overo, white face, flank, and legs

Tease: hardy stallion, 10 Turns, 10.8hh - orange dun, red points

Roanoke Hold

(Name: type and sex, age, hh - body color, points, special markings)

Dam x Sire

Bally x Riad
Fillie x Song Singer
Gutsy Ball x Black Wave
Betterglow x Sadis
Amika x Afterglow
Sandy x Lodis
Black Tide
Sweetcake x Black Wave
Fruit Tart x Bring It On
Sweet Beet x Rifter
Smooth Klah x Haze
Beachberry x Firestone
Goldie x Blue Illusion
Kalika x Wind Maker
Think of Me x Night Ghost
Flyaway x In Silence
Cry No More
Anasel x Buck
Stormy Night x Independent
Gingerroot x Piccadilly
Golddancer x Xeros
Allie x White Thread
Gingerroot x Air Born
Dark Zephyr
Dark Night x Piccadilly
Mudroll x Mighty Wind
Mia Mia x Lucky Fire
Dustydapple x Coldmud
Scumble x Dustcloud
Mudbath x Stonecold
Escaire x Blue Blade
Stormy Night x Xeros
Bright Luck x Uneasy Calm
Folklore x Two Ton
Fit To Fly x Ellon
Tea For Two x Boulder
Red Tart x Firestar
Fruit Tart x Rodican
Fillie x Claime
Gotta Go-Go
??? x ???
??? x ???
??? x ???
Grey Cloud
Silverblush x Mane Cloud
Redblush x Silverhunger
Cloudy x Stonecold
Sandtrack x Piccadilly
Mudroll x Pacer
Mia Mia x Lucky Fire
Apple Scumble x Red And Tall
Scumble x Fruityflex
Redblush x Versatile
Silver Frost
Skydancer x Piccadilly
Moondancer x Alick
Mia Mia x Lucky Fire
Silver Lining
Black Lining x Silver Star
Black Light x Wide Cyde
Silver x Lodis
Smooth Klah
Beachberry x Firestone
Gingerroot x Piccadilly
Stormy Night x White Thread
Gigi x Shorty
Gutsy Ball x Bring It On
Sweet Beet x Dare
Spice Cake
Red Cake x Spicy Ride
Tiny Tally x Two Ton
Sandy x Spicy Hot
Mystery Watch x Red Klah
Moonstone x Storm Watch
Salty x Big Red
Lili x Shorty
Teasing Snow x Stripes
Sweet Beet x Dare

Runner Types

The Pernese, being basically utilitarian in nature, have no use for breeds of runnerbeast as we have for breeds of horses. Instead, Beastcrafters follow bloodlines and breed for function. If a runner fits a a certain function, it falls into one of several "types."

The three most basic types are hot-, cold-, and warmblood. If a runner fits no other type, it is one of these.

  • Coldbloods are heavy animals build for strength and endurance. They have large, strong bodies with thick hair, large hooves, and calm temperaments. Coldbloods are used everywhere as draft animals, but adapt best to temperate climates.
  • Hotbloods are quick, light-boned animals well suited to desert climates like Igen. They tend to have more oval bodies with finer hair, smaller heads with larger ears, and generous nostrils. They have longer legs and carry their tails high to facilitate heat loss. They are known for being high-spirited and quick-tempered.
  • Warmbloods are technically any strain with both hot- and coldblooded ancestors. Warmbloods are the most common type and can be adapted to many climes and purposes.
Other types are as follows:
  • Cob a handsome and mannerly warmblood suited for light farm work or riding. The cob is stout, athletic, and intelligent. Usually standing no taller than 15.1hh, a cob is big enough to carry an adult but small enough for beginning and elderly riders. The cob is gentle and well-balanced. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Hack warm- or hotblooded, the hack is a light, elegant animal suitable for riding. A hack should stand between 14.2 and 15.3hh, have excellent manners, be superbly-trained and obedient. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Hardy a small warmblood descended from original Earth stock and adapted to life on the Southern Continent without humans. The hardy stands between 10 and 12hh. It is tough, good-tempered, and willing, capable of hard work on poor keep. Treated well, it will reward its master richly. The hardy may be ridden, but is better used for fetch-and-carry work around any hold. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Heavy Draft any coldblood descended from the Shire horses brought from Earth. Heavy draft runners are gentle, noble giants, standing 16hh and taller. Their shoulders and hindquarters are sloping and muscular and their feet are rounded and very large. Their legs are commonly feathered. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Hunter a robust warmblood capable of carrying a rider two days out of seven without tiring. The hunter must have substance, stamina, excellent riding conformation, and strong, straight action with a powerful back and hindquarters. It must be comfortable to ride, courageous, obedient even in very exciting situations, and even-tempered. A hunter may be any size. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Light Draft any coldblood under 16hh. A light draft runner must be strong and well-constituted for hard work. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Racer a hotblood bred for speed and endurance over long-distance racetracks. A racer must be tough and elegant. Racers tend to have volatile temperaments, but they must have heart. They should be between 15hh and 16hh. [image 1] [image 2]
  • Sprinter a hotblood bred for great speed over short distance racetracks. Similar to the racer with the emphasis placed on a quick start. May be smaller than the racer. [image 1] [image 2]

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