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Friends and Resources

Also known as the Links Page. This part of the site is divided in two. The first half is dedicated to our friends and allied guilds on, the second to other links that may or may not have anything to do with Pern so long as they're interesting. Enjoy.

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The Harper and Healer Halls of Neopia

The one, the only! Also owned and run by Neshomeh under the account masterharper_alric.

Moon Lake Weyr

Mother or sister Weyr to Galen, depending on one's perspective.
Run by Weyrwoman Srinia and her gold Kavinath.

Star Stone Weyr

Galen's first official ally!
Run by Weyrwoman Miere and her gold Llyrienth.

Black Sands Weyr

Small, but active. Mind the large home page image!
Run by Weyrwoman Auralina and her ebony Destinith.

Crystal Waterfall Weyr

Traditional colors plus five.
Run by Weyrwoman Shahini and her gold Hindrath.

Tiazora Weyr

We don't know them well yet, but judging by the website, they seem a decent bunch.
Run by Weyrwoman Shalamar and her gold Josolith.



The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey's personal website.

The World of Pern

Del Rey's site for Anne McCaffrey and Pern.
It's a bit out of date, but the features are still good! Check out Pern 101 for a crash course on our favorite fantasy world.

Jenaith's Weyr

A guide to dragon healing, dracogenetics, and Pernese heraldry. The genetics section may need revising, but still a solid 9/10 for coolness.

Mbif's Backgrounds

This is Mbif's personal website, the source of the guild's background and many more. It is also a source of HTML and CSS help. Be sure to stop by sometime!

Breeds of Livestock

Hosted by Oklahoma State University.
This is a great resource for those of us with a Holder-ish bent. Lots of information about bovines, ovines, equines, and more. 6/10 for coolness.

Horse Colors

If you're breeding runners for color, it can't possibly hurt to know how inheritance works in their ancestors. This page gets a 10/10 on the coolness scale.

Dolphin Research Center

This one blows the coolness scale out of the water. For information concerning bottlenose dolphins, this is the place. Check out the "Learn About Marine Mammals" link to the left.


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