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Images are arranged by year, then alphabetically. Each artist's name is a link to his or her Neomail so you can leave comments if so moved. This is not an art site, so please keep them in a non-critical tone whether they're meant constructively or not. Any flaming will result in a report to the Neopets Team. If you want to submit art, Neomail neshomehs_galen to discuss it. Images should ideally be less than 100 KB in size with 150 KB as the outside limit for very detailed color drawings.

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A Queen and Clutch
Water color pencils, 2004
This is specifically Tamath, my queen from a dead Weyr, and her first clutch. The image looks weird because the paper got all wavy when I applied the water to my water color pencils :'(

Bathing Green
Water color pencil, 2004: fooled around with in Paintshop, 2006
An old, pixely picture I did of a green dragon taking a swim. I tried to make it seem more under water recently.

Dragon Head
Pencil, 2004
This was mostly an experiment in pencil "coloring" and shading. I like it.

Hatching Blue
Water color pencils, 2004
It's got that weird wavy paper thing going on like the clutch picture above. Damn non-watercolor paper.

He's Just Hangin' Out
Pencil, 2004
This little draggie is just hanging out on his couch. I was experimenting with perspectives.

Random Dragon
Pencil, 2004
A little experimental dragon.

Alondra and Patrith
Pen inked and painted in Photoshop, 2006
Alondra's profile picture.

B'dorn and Voulath
Pen inked and painted in Photoshop, 2006
Just a pic I did as for B'dorn's character page.

Pen inked and painted in Photoshop, 2006
This is Gweneth (one of my oldest Pern characters) and her dragon, Arviath's, nose. I'm actually kinda proud of this because it was my first fairly successful attempt at detailing and shine work in Photoshop.

Pen inked and painted in Photoshop, 2006
J'dan is currently Galen Weyr's Weyrleader. This is his character picture.

Pen inked and painted in Photoshop, 2006
This is Nerissa and Aderuth, my very first Pern dragon set and my favorites. This picture was my first real attempt at painting in Photoshop. It came out OK, but...

Tiria and Tirsk
Pen inked and painted in Photoshop, 2006
This is one of my more successful paint jobs. Too bad Tirsk's too pretty to be a wher...



Cain the Fire-lizard
Color pencils, 2001
An antique from the Dark Ages before Prismacolors.

Beth with Eggs
Prismacolor pencils, 2002
Jenni and Beth survey Beth's latest clutch. My dragon design still needs refining here.

Prismacolor pencils, 2002
The unique and terrifying offspring of Beth and bronze/brown Aidiarth. I still really like this picture, despite things I would do differently now.

Prismacolor pencils, 2002
A fellis blossom and berries.

Prismacolor pencils, 2002
This is still my best color picture of Jenni.

Beth in Flight
Prismacolor pencils, 2003
Beth, bronze Saganth, and brown Nacanth over Moon Lake Weyr.

Prismacolor pencils, 2003
Anticlockwise from the top, Jenni, Masterharper Alric, and Journeyman Rediral. So much wrong with the faces. Ack.

Katral and the Runner
Prismacolor pencils, 2003
Healer Katral, a wee apprentice in this picture, does not get along with runners. It is my suspicion that he has motion sickness, because he doesn't like sailing or flying, either.

Prismacolor pencils, 2004
O'ma's staunch and loyal canine.

Prismacolor pencils, 2005
Young Aidrian at about 11 Turns old, shown here with Tipiolo, before he Impressed blue Vivifith and became A'drin.

1000 Posts!
Prismacolor pencils, 2006
A token of thanks to the members of Galen Weyr, summer of 2006, featuring Beth, Vaensnth, and a random gold fire-lizard. Here's to a thousand times a thousand posts!

An Outing
Prismacolor pencils, 2006
M'gan, S'fen, and their dragons find some quiet time alone. Bluerider M'gan isn't worried about the cloudy weather.

Prismacolor pencils, 2006
Den and his bronze Desk. Den's face is wonky, but I'm pleased with how Desk came out--even if he is too pretty for a watch-wher.



Hatching, Part 1
Pencil, 2002
This was done a while ago. I was utterly bored and this is what was made. Nothing much.

Blue Dragon
Color pencils, 2003
A blue dragon I did while I was bored.

Hatching, Part 2
Pencil, 2004
Yes. I was bored more recently and decided to do the second step of the hatching I did when I was bored two years ago.


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